A national call for guardrails on Artificial Intelligence systems has intensified in recent months – with some experts warning that it could represent a profound change and should be planned for and managed with commensurate care and resources. As the concerns surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to grow, two Georgia lawmakers are moving forward with legislation regarding AI. State Reps. Brad Thomas, R-Holly Springs, and Todd Jones, R-South Forsyth, recently introduced two bills that would audit AI across all State Agencies and establish felony offenses for AI election interference – House Bill 986 and House Bill 988.

Both bills have been assigned to the House Committee on Technology and Infrastructure Innovation and could be eligible for consideration in the coming weeks. HB 986, also known as the “AI Transparency and Protection Act” would create criminal felony offenses of election interference carried out by AI, while HB 988 would require the Georgia Technology Authority to audit all artificial intelligence usage by state agencies. 

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