Left-wing extremists continually interrupted, cursed and some observers say even threatened U.S. Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., last week when he tried to speak during a campus event sponsored by the University of Georgia College Republicans and Turning Point USA. Most of his remarks, mainly centering on Biden open borders policy and illegal immigration issues, were drowned out by radicals— some of whom were removed by campus police.

U.S. Rep. Mike Collins

”How dare you come on this campus and exploit Laken Riley’s death to push your xenophobic, fascist, racist, agenda… people are in this country legally and your f–king cops are gonna get them arrested and deported,” someone shouted before being hustled out by police. (For some reason there were only a few police officers present, which is why the disruptions continued throughout the event.)

”Take your white supremacist rhetoric elsewhere, your neo-nationalist rhetoric elsewhere representative. You do not represent us, and you do not represent me,” one woman said while being dragged out by police. “You’ve demonstrated that you serve the genocidal state of Israel rather than the American people,” another yelled at Collins while being removed.

Luke Winkler, president of the University of Georgia College Republicans, told the Campus Reform publication that protesters continually disrupted the congressman’s speech so he often couldn’t be understood by the audience. “Really, honestly, the rest of the meeting, to where it was just someone would stand up and start reading something off of their phone and just start screaming at Congressman Collins,” said Winkler.

”They’re just mentally ill people,” Winkler said of the protesters. He also said he will ask the University of Georgia to open an investigation into those who ruined the event.

It’s unclear what left-wing group or groups organized the disruptive attacks against Collins, although it was reported that the college’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter posted on social media that members would protest the Collins appearance.

The congressman had to be protected by police when leaving the Zell Miller Learning Center. And as this is written, no official statement from UGA has been issued nor does it appear campus police identified any of the radicals as to whether they were students or outsiders.


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