Georgia is about to end its early primary voting with good numbers for Republicans. Log on to the website which reveals that as of yesterday 351,685 people voted. At this point in the 2022 primary, that number was 541,129. But even though it’s a lower turnout than in 2022, consider this: 

155,600 (44.2%) people have voted with Democratic ballots.

190,285 (54.1%) people have voted with Republican ballots. 

5,800 (1.6%) people have voted with Non-Partisan ballots.  

This is good news for early Republican base turnout, especially since the only big GOP statewide primary is in the 3rd U.S. Congressional District pitting front-runner Brian Jack (endorsed by former President Donald Trump) against four other candidates.  

Republicans have traditionally lagged in Georgia early voting, but the state party as well as Trump himself have been publicly urging more in-person early voting over the past two years. 

Even though the party primaries are on May 21st, the early GOP votes may give an edge to the conservative candidates running in non-partisan school board and judicial races appearing on all ballots. Even though these races are officially non-partisan, local and state Democratic and Republican organizations and political action committees weigh in with endorsements and fund-raising. 

For example, keep an eye on the statewide Supreme Court race– a slugfest between incumbent Andrew Pinson appointed by GOP Gov. Brian Kemp and former Democrat congressman John Barrow. The race for the Court of Appeals is another classic right-left contest between conservative Jeff Davis (endorsed by the state GOP) and Cobb County NAACP member Tabitha Ponder.


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