With just one day under their belts, legislators and statewide leaders made it plenty clear on Monday that:

* A bill to create a sort of “Workers’ Compensation Board” to clear medical malpractice cases will go nowhere this year. Even so, watch this issue in years to come. It has legs — and money — and might resurrect in 2015.

* There’s a mighty push to combine the various cities vying for municipal status in DeKalb into one big blob. But the details of such a venture are still somewhat of blob too at this early juncture. Stay tuned.

* Sen. Don Balfour has new political life and a long memory. He made that clear in a speech to his colleagues Monday. Let’s just say some politicians won’t be getting any “Candy grams” from Balfour — or perhaps from the GOP power center Waffle House — this Valentine’s Day.

* Those demanding that Gov. Deal expand Medicaid to conform with requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act can forget it. Deal might reach out in other ways, but the polling numbers for state acquiescence are not as strong as some might think. And Deal still has a conservative GOP primary to face.

* There’s a really big date coming up in late January that has nothing to do with the General Assembly, but it could explode and have political ramifications for plenty of politicos. James is on the case.


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