In a huge poll conducted by InsiderAdvantage, one small tidbit deserves early examination. The survey of over 2000 Georgia voters gives us the current voter identification by party affiliation in the state. Republicans still hold an advantage at 35%, but they are closely followed by…independents. That’s right, voters who identify themselves as independent make up 34% of Georgia’s electorate. And Democrats aren’t far behind at 31%. You can read all about it in a special edition of James to be released next week.

The survey asked over 2000 registered voters about their party identification and weighted it for age, race, and gender. It confirms our suspicion that the state elects Republicans only with a healthy dose of help from independent voters. And it tells us why Democrats think they are poised to be more competitive this year. As for where those voters stand on the issues…stay tuned to James and InsiderAdvantage for the details.


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