ATLANTA — Soon Georgia motorists could whip out a cellphone picture of their driver’s license when stopped by police instead of lugging around the plastic version.

That could be a plus for people who prefer not to carry a billfold or purse that could be stolen or mar the silhouette of tight jeans. It also recognizes that cellphones soon will be used for purchases, as they already are in other countries, eliminating the need for a pocketful of cash and credit cards.

The Deal administration is backing Senate Bill 323 in response to public requests. It’s meant to be especially helpful during the wait for the Department of Driver Services to send by mail the traditional, wallet version of a license, according to Sen. Hunter Hill, R-Smyrna, the sponsor of the bill.

“They are one of our best customer-service state agencies,” said Hill, who used to serve on the department’s board of directors. “They are constantly operating every day and getting feedback from their public.”


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