All the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate are putting their money and their hard work into carving a political identity that distinguishes them from their opponents. Karen Handel maybe more than any of them already has an identity. Unfortunately for her, it’s abortion. That alone makes her a longshot to win Saxby Chambliss’s seat in November.

On paper Handel stands as good a chance as any of the candidates to win the GOP nomination, providing she can raise enough money to get her on TV as regularly as her opponents are.

She’s a woman in a field of men – an identity in itself. She’s the only one to have run for statewide office, for governor in 2010. She just had Sarah Palin endorse her, although that did Handel little good the last time it happened. And this week Handel caught a break when a video surfaced that showed Republican frontrunner David Perdue making the rookie mistake of criticizing Handel for not having a college degree. 

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