The last gubernatorial primary season in 2010 proved to be a disaster for most pollsters. But InsiderAdvantage earned begrudging praise from one of its most persistent critics, (now a part of the Huffington Post). In a story dated July 22, 2010, a shocked declared, “The final poll, InsiderAdvantage, came within three percentage points of pegging each difference in percentage of the vote between the top four candidates…The most accurate poll was conducted by InsiderAdvantage…” OK, we get it. After years of polling races to incredible degrees of accuracy in Georgia, we still have to prove ourselves one race at a time. So get ready. IA will poll the GOP U.S. Senate race to a degree never before seen in a modern Georgia primary. As we always say, we could be wrong. But if history is any indication, turn to InsiderAdvantage, Fox 5, Morris News, and our many other news affiliates from now until election night for accurate results. If nothing else, we will poll the race!


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