There’s no question that in last week’s Cobb Commission meeting to approve the contract with the Braves that the deal had been made and agreed upon long before the meeting was called to order. A deal of this magnitude had to be discussed and questioned for many weeks and the agreement triggers the meeting, not the other way around on something like this.

I know and respect most all of the current Cobb board and I believe the Braves deal will be good for Cobb in the long run. Cobb County is a leader in so many ways that I can’t believe the Braves and the county won’t get this right. What I can’t fathom is having a meeting and not letting everyone there have a say at the microphone!

As the news reports came in and they showed the packed meeting room I remembered my days on the Commission. I was there as the real estate market heated up and the last portion of rural Cobb was my district. Every zoning meeting went on for hours and the opposition to over-development was at a fever pitch. The board was called liars and thieves and angels…sometimes in the same breath it seemed! It’s a tough job but the people of Cobb are known nation-wide for their active political views and have sent some incredible leaders to Washington and the state capital. I was lucky enough to serve with current Attorney General Sam Olens and then Chairman Bill Byrne, Woody Thompson and Joe Thompson. 

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