Sometimes a gift comes your way that you didn’t see coming. Such is the case for Georgia as North Carolina’s legislature decides to drop their movie tax credits, a move that will almost surely benefit the booming film industry here in Georgia.

In a move that was driven by a strong Tea Party presence, the North Carolina legislature let expire a 25% film tax credit that has generated over $300 million in revenue this year alone and replaced it with a $40 million grant. This would seem to be a stunning move since the industry claims to provide over 4,000 jobs to the state. Clearly Georgia stands poised to gain from North Carolina’s short sighted loss. Over the last three decades North Carolina has seen over 800 productions filmed inside its borders, including “The Hunger Games” and “Iron Man 3”, two of the largest grossing film series of all time. Several industry insiders are clear that producers will vacate the state as the incentive program evaporates. “It’s a shame,” said Chris Cates, president of the 15-year-old C3 Studios in Charlotte, “We built up a crew base and the state has a lot of attributes.” Cates was interviewed by Variety Magazine, a Hollywood staple of entertainment news for decades. Cates says that he is considering moving the fifteen miles into South Carolina but the crew base is less appealing and the major cities there don’t offer the same variety that North Carolina has for filming. 

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