By now you’ve heard the story.  The Democrats have finally fielded competitive candidates to run for Governor and U.S. Senate.  The DNC has pledged resources, including the voter-targeting software developed by President Obama’s campaign team which helped drive out record vote numbers in 2008 and 2012.  Dekalb, Fulton, Clayton, and Lowndes, (all majority Democratic counties) have all opened up multiple Sundays for early voting, and Bibb County, (the home of Macon) is the latest to consider the idea.  And then there’s House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams’ ‘New Georgia Project’ organization, which is under investigation for voter fraud by the Secretary of State’s office after registering some 85,000 minority voters, (25 of which, or .00029%, were reported as fraudulent).

What will all this mean come November 6th?  Is the ceaseless whispering that Georgia might become a purple state finally coming true?  Do the Democrats have a chance to pull off the upset(s)?  Let’s take a look at the numbers to find out.

 new ga project

The state of Georgia currently has around 900,000 unregistered minority voters, roughly 80% (720,000) of whom would be likely to vote Democrat.  Obviously there is no way that every possible voter will be registered, (or even close). 

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