MARIETTA, Ga. — Onetime Republican presidential nominee John McCain stumped for GOP Senate hopeful David Perdue at a fundraiser and a rally for veterans Wednesday.

“I believe that every veteran in the state of Georgia should come out and vote for David Perdue,” he told the crowd at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post. “I’m asking my veteran friends for one more mission.”

A VFW official announced the appearance was a “veterans forum” and not a political rally, but McCain’s 12-minute speech and comments by Perdue and Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., repeatedly urged support for Perdue over Democrat Michelle Nunn. The event was an obvious attempt to blunt Nunn’s appeal to military supporters still loyal to her father who once chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee.

McCain, who would become the chairman of the committee next year if Republicans gain a majority in the Senate, had harsh words for the Obama administration on the threat of Islamists terrorists who call themselves ISIS.
“The White House said we’re succeeding. … It’s time they stop lying to the American public,” McCain said. “This president has been an utter failure.”

McCain, who ran unsuccessfully against President Barack Obama in 2008, pointed to statements by ISIS leaders about plans to impose sharia law in the territory they control in Iraq and Syria. Such law greatly restricts women’s freedoms, what McCain termed enslavement.

“And our Democratic friends talk about us (Republicans) in a war on women?” he said.

Perdue often says Nunn’s candidacy amounts to a referendum on Obama, so attacks on the president serve the campaign’s strategy as an indirect attack on her.

After the event, he told reporters that although he had campaigned in the primary to oust career politicians like those running against him then, he has no problem now appearing with McCain and Isakson.

“The difference is accomplishment,” Perdue said.

One of his former primary opponents, Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., also attended the event, which was in his congressional district. But Gingrey did not share the stage with the other three.

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