For months, the narrative has been that for Democrats to prevail in either of the increasingly close races for Governor or U.S. Senate in Georgia, they would have to drive African American turnout at high levels.  Groups like State Representative Stacey Abram’s New Georgia Project immediately jumped into the fray, registering thousands of voters and aggressively fighting back against allegations of voter fraud.  Several predominately Democratic counties announced they would host weekend voting for the first time in the state’s history, causing more concern for Republicans.

This past weekend for the first time in Fulton County voters were allowed to make their way to the polls on a Sunday, and led by a delegation from Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, hundreds did just that.  Reverend Raphael Warnock, the senior pastor at the church, said that weekend voting was important because, “For some people who are wrestling with having to work 2 or 3 different jobs, in a region with serious public transportation concerns, childcare, and a host of other issues, it is not as easy as it may appear”.

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