Jason Carter remembers the great Snowpocalypse of 2014, and he wants to make sure Georgia voters do too.

With a week to go before the election, the Carter campaign has released an ad focusing on Governor Nathan Deal’s reaction to the snow storms that shut the city down in January.  And of course, it wouldn’t be a Jason Carter ad if he didn’t tie it to education somehow.  Transcript from the ad and the ad itself are below.

“Remember? Thousands of children stranded on buses and sleeping overnight in schools. But Nathan Deal didn’t just fail our children in the snowstorm, he’s failing them everyday in our schools, short-changing education by $4 billion. Nine thousand fewer teachers in the classroom. Eighty thousands fewer Hope [Scholarship] recipients. Nathan Deal’s failure in the snowstorm is now a painful memory. But our children will be paying for his failures in education for a long time.”



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