Former University of Georgia President Charles Knapp will lead Gov. Nathan Deal’s commission that will study the state’s education system, including changing the Quality Basic Education funding formula approved in the 1980’s.

“My vision for K-12 education in Georgia is a system driven by student need that provides local school and district leaders with real control and flexibility,” Deal said in a statement.

“With this commission now in place, it is my hope that we will work together to make education more accessible and effective in preparing our state’s students for the rigors of college and the workforce. Georgia families depend on our classrooms, and now it’s time we take the responsibility in full to provide the high-quality, technologically advanced education they so deserve. I fully anticipate this commission will help bring my vision to reality and I’m grateful for the members’ willingness to serve.”

Knapp will lead the commission as well as a subcommittee on funding reform, the announcement said. The panel will give the governor its recommendations by Aug. 1 of this year.

The commission’s 33 members include a number of legislators, school superintendents, and other educators and higher education officials.



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