As Senate Bill 63, (the ‘Beer Jobs Bill’) remains in limbo due to rumored blockage by Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, another bill, SB 174, has been introduced by State Senator Frank Ginn (R-Danielsville).  This new bill would allow breweries to sell their wares on site, but they would be forced to first sell their beer to a distributor and then re-purchase it before selling to customers.

Supporters of SB 63 are already crying foul, pointing out that the strict limitations put on the amount of beer allowed to be sold as well as the need to go through a distributor will effectively ruin the job creation that was the entire point of the original Beer Jobs Bill.  Direct on-site sales, (as allowed in SB 63) would allow for breweries to start and operate more cheaply and for existing breweries to grow at a faster rate.  The distribution companies obviously oppose this idea, but should they really? 

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