(Editor’s Note: Matt Towery’s investor notebook column will now be known as Newsvesting in preparation of his book of the same title to be released this fall. Matt begins a Newsvesting speaking tour in September, discussing his book about using news and public opinion surveys to form winning investment strategies. He will also discuss the 2016 presidential contest as the race unfolds giving the latest polls and information that he will use in his column and on TV, to trade association gatherings, corporate meetings, and other groups. Look for the official announcement or to inquire into booking Matt early contact mdobbins@insideradvantage.com)

An Update and a Warning

First a quick look at some prior columns I wrote for InsiderAdvantage using the Newsvesting approach to building strong investment portfolios. And a reminder, this is not investment advice and I am not an investment advisor. I’m just Newsvesting!

My column last year about the cool housing recovery and continued growth in stocks related to high end rentals/apartments still holds strong. My choice of Preferred Apartment Communities ended up on target. First discovered while in the eight dollar range, APTS has risen to a close on Friday (May 1) of around $11. It still has that great dividend/yield and with the sale of new and existing houses better but not on fire, it remains one to hold on to. (Note: Let me disclose that Preferred’s John Williams, under a former corporate name, has an investment relationship with InsiderAdv/InternetNews. But they have no ownership of my Newsvesting column and I no longer serve as CEO nor do I receive remuneration from either entity). Just to show I put resources where my Newsvesting mouth is, we sold some shares (which were purchased in March of 2014 at around $8 a share and later at prices in the $9 range) at a selling price of over $11. But we continue to hold shares in APTS enjoying its strong dividend. 

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