While Georgia’s burgeoning film industry steals a lot of the state’s headlines, it’s not the only part of the entertainment industry making a mark in the Peach State.  Music Festivals, increasing yearly in number and size, are also finding that Georgia is a lucrative place to do business, and even without some of the tax incentives gifted to Hollywood they’re having quite the positive impact on the local economy.

Music Midtown, the state’s most famous festival, began in 1994, (it had a 6 year break from 2005-2011 but is back in full force) and its attendance quickly boomed to over 300,000.  Now taking place in Piedmont Park, it seems that the only thing capable of slowing down its momentum is the yearly battle against surrounding neighborhood associations unhappy with the stampede of concert-goers trampling the grass.  With $100,000 spent on repairs and the same amount donated to the park’s conservancy fund though, there’s more than enough money to quiet the critics.   

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