The Falcons may be stealing headlines right now between a hot preseason and unveiling the name of their new stadium, (courtesy of Mercedes-Benz) but the Braves, undergoing a trying season on the diamond, are moving ahead on their own new digs.

Terry McGuirk, John Schuerholtz, Hank Aaron, Tim Lee, and more will be on hand later today as the first brick is laid at the under-construction Suntrust Park.  While the process of putting down foundations has been ongoing for quite some time, the first brick marks the beginning of the true construction of a new ballpark.

The 2015 season has gotten away from the Braves, and their final season in Turner Field in 2016 doesn’t promise to be much better.  So for fans of the team, watching their new ballpark spring from Cobb County’s red clay might just be the best news next to watching some of the team’s young studs like Tyrell Jenkins tear up the minor leagues in preparation for playing there someday.


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