A new FOX 5 poll conducted by OpinionSavvy following the recent CNN GOP presidential debate shows Donald Trump with a substantial lead among likely GOP primary voters in Georgia. Sen. Ted Cruz is now in second place in the poll when listing all of the candidates. A second question which limited choices to the top tier of candidates creates a virtual tie for second between Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio. In that second horse race question, Trump’s support shot up to 40%.  Georgians picked Trump the winner of the debate and said former Florida Governor Jeb Bush lost the contest. When asked about Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on those of the Muslim faith entering the United States, a resounding 70% said they supported Trump’s position.

In my years of polling these presidential races for the GOP nomination I have never seen one candidate so dominate the contest for so many months in a row. That said, Mr. Trump could face his first stumbling block in Iowa. The caucus there is known for its unusual and often out-of-step results. That said, Trump’s lead in states in the Southeast is powerful and appears to be gaining speed, based on other polls OpinionSavvy conducted this week in other neighboring states. The survey methodology can be found in the attached tabulations.


Full poll attached.

Here are the rounded figures:

Horse Race 1:

Bush 6
Carson 6
Christie 6
Cruz 16
Fiorina 5
Graham 1
Huckabee 1
Kasich 2
Pataki 1
Paul 2
Rubio 12
Trump 35
Undecided 7


Horse Race 2:


Bush 7
Carson 9
Cruz 18
Rubio 19
Trump 40
Undecided 7


Debate Winners:


Bush 5
Carson 4
Cruz 20
Fiorina 5
Christie 9
Kasich 0
Paul 3
Rubio 13
Trump 29
Undecided 12

Debate Losers:


Bush 27
Carson 16
Cruz 1
Fiorina 6
Christie 1
Kasich 12
Paul 7
Rubio 2
Trump 17
Undecided 11


Trump’s Muslim Ban:

Total approve = 70%

Total disapprove = 27%


Strongly Approve 43
Somewhat Approve 27
Somewhat Disapprove 9
Strongly Disapprove 18
Undecided or No Opinion 3



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