Jim Kingston:   Two years after losing a countywide race, you decided to run citywide for mayor of Savannah. The odds were a lot less in your favor. Why did you decide to enter this race?

Eddie DeLoach: Savannah was, and still is, at a crossroads. Crime is on the rise. The business climate was quickly deteriorating. The city was being reckless with taxpayer dollars, and there didn’t seem to be anyone in City Hall with the leadership abilities to turn the ship around. I knew that if I wanted a safe Savannah for my kids and grand-kids, I had to step up to the plate no matter the political cost.

Kingston: It has been almost a decade since the city has had a Republican mayor.  What made you able to win over a majority of votes in an area where a conservative has not been able to do this in recent memory?

DeLoach: While I am a conservative Republican, I ran as the candidate for change in leadership. I ran as the candidate who would give our police department every resource and tool necessary to protect our citizens. I ran as the candidate who would listen to the constituents and who would respond to their most basic needs of safety and economic prosperity. We had the right message, we had the right time and I like to think we had the right candidate.  

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