With U.S. Rep. Tom Price tapped to head the Department of Health and Human Services by President-elect Donald Trump, Georgians will be interested to see who his potential successor might be. InsiderAdvantage has already listed the names of some announced and potential candidates for the Sixth U.S. Congressional District. But today we analyze the district’s past voting patterns, demographics and other voter information.

Accompanying this article is map of the congressional district (in green) with the State Senate districts (overlap) in red. Senate District 32 on the map is represented by Judson Hill (East Cobb) who has announced for the seat. Notice almost all the Cobb portion of CD 6 overlaps with his State Senate district. Senate District 56, in the middle of CD 6, is held by John Albers and Senate Dist 21 at top of CD 6 is represented by Brandon Beach. 

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