Candidate for Fulton Commission Chair Gabriel Sterling

A Sandy Springs City Councilman is looking to give Republicans control of Fulton County.

Gabriel Sterling, a political and public relations consultant who has grown popular over the course of his service in rapidly-growing Sandy Springs, is seeking to become the tie-breaking fourth Republican on the seven-member Fulton County Commission, which will gain an open slot when Chairman John Eaves gives up his seat in his bid for Atlanta mayor later this year.

Sterling is running for the at-large position in the county and would join fellow Republicans Liz Hausmann, Bob Ellis, and Lee Morris on the Board of Commissioners.  Democrats Marvin Arrington and Emma Darnell hold another two seats, with District 4 in downtown Atlanta sitting vacant at the moment due to the untimely passing of Joan Garner earlier this year.  Democrats are sure to retain that seat in a heavily blue district come election day this November.

While some see the county-wide race as an uphill climb for Sterling in a traditionally liberal county, Republicans have a history of picking up open seats.  Three times in recent memory have Republicans won an open seat on the commission in a special election.

The Sandy Springs Republican has wasted no time in rounding up support for his bid, looking to capitalize on the groundswell of support that led Republican Karen Handel to victory over Democratic upstart Jon Ossoff in the state’s 6th Congressional District, a race punctuated by strong GOP turnout in North Fulton County.

Said Sterling, “Because of the reforms in representation brought by Republicans in the State Legislature we now have the chance for the first time in history to have Republicans in charge of Fulton. There are three Republican Districts  and three Democrat districts. This means that whoever wins the November special election for Fulton Chairman will be the fourth vote, a tie-breaking vote, in all county matters.”

“Republican Commissioners Hausmann, Ellis, and Morris are doing a great job for us. Now, we can give them a true Republican majority and an opportunity to make even greater reforms in how Fulton County does business.”

The other announced candidate in the race is former Fulton commissioner Robb Pitts, a Democrat who also served on the Atlanta City Council for nearly two decades.



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