When House Bill 110, the bill legalizing the sale of fireworks in Georgia, passed during the 2015 session, many observers were pleased but unsure as to how much of an impact the industry would have on the state’s economy.  After all fireworks, as flashy as they are, only really come out a couple times a year.  Just two years after the law was passed however the state is seeing an explosive impact in terms of tax dollars pouring in from the new industry.

While sales started slow as fireworks stores and warehouses got set up in 2016, this year Georgia has seen sales increase dramatically as locals find they can make their purchases closer to home rather than at the warehouses with their giant signs just over the border in Alabama and South Carolina.  $300,000 in tax revenue in 2016 has already turned into over $1,000,000 this year, a number which is sure to grow with New Years Eve, the other major fireworks holiday, still on the horizon. 

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