A left-wing group called Advocacy for Action recently targeted seven white Superior Court judges up for re-election in Fulton County in May 2022 by issuing a blatant call for non-white candidates to campaign against them. After that salvo The Daily Report newspaper published a May 24th article entitled “Ready? Set. Run!” It cited some organizations backing minority candidates to replace the incumbents.

But this election targeting, called outright racism by some critics, is creating a backlash.

The Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association was one of the organizations named in the article. Yet in a statement issued this week, GAPABA officers flatly say they are not participating in the effort. Their statement in part reads:

“GAPABA is not and has not been encouraging candidates to run in this election, and GAPABA has not been campaigning against the judges who are up for re-election. … Diversity is not a zero sum game where groups are pitted against each other based on background and affinity. While we work towards greater judicial diversity, we do not feel that targeting particular candidates on the basis of race is the best way to promote equity and inclusion.”

Another organization, the Stonewall Bar Association, is also irritated with the effort to remove one of the white judges, Jane Barwick. It hopes “that no one would choose to run against a sitting LGBTQ judge in the name of diversity only. That would be self-defeating.”

The website advocacyforaction.com makes it clear that it seeks to defeat the whites and seeks donations for “minority” judicial candidates in the name of “diversity.” The Fulton County Superior Court judges it targets for removal, besides Barwick, are Kelly Lee Ellerbe, Kevin Farmer, Craig Schwall, Christopher Brasher, Robert McBirney and Paige Reese Whitaker.


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