Meeting of the House Study Committee on Innovative Ways to Maximize Global Talent in Dalton


The push for foreign law enforcement officers is still on, but transparency was not part of the agenda at the second meeting of a state House panel focused on removing “barriers to the foreign-born.”

Last week’s meeting of the ’House Study Committee on Innovative Ways to Maximize Global Talent.’ was again a staged and one-sided affair that could easily have featured a party hat-clad dog riding atop a trotting pony. But I will wash your car if you can find any official archived record – video or audio – of last week’s House meeting held at Dalton State College.

Chairman Rep Wes Cantrell explained that “technical difficulties” would prevent video recording but assured all present there would be an (official) audio record. There isn’t. This writer was not alone in noting that the obvious “technical difficulty” on video was the fact that there was no dedicated video camera present. 

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