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(Editor’s note: This is one of a series of articles in the months to come on Democrat and Republican candidates for Congressional office.)

Republican Blake Harbin, who finished third in the primary in 2020 for the 6th Congressional District, is back in the race for the U.S. House seat. He joins a crowded field for the seat that is currently held by Democrat Lucy McBath, who has said she will now run for the 7th Congressional District seat in 2022 following redistricting.

He describes himself as an “outsider with a vision, a businessman and a Conservative Constitutionalist.”

Blake Harbin

Harbin, who says he was raised by a single mother who overcame adversity, credits his summers working at his grandfather’s asphalt company with teaching him about the importance of working hard for what he wants to achieve in life.

“He shaped my perspective on what it takes to run your own business, the adversities that we face, and the hardships that must be overcome. Most importantly he taught me that family comes first,” says Harbin. “These values saved me after a tragic accident took away my ability to walk in 2007. When I faced the darkness in front of me, I was saved by invaluable life lessons that tested me. I used this tragedy to focus on triumph, and to overcome the obstacles in my path. This is what I want to do now for Georgia, for all of us. To fight for what we believe no matter how hard the struggle.”

Harbin, who uses the phrase Georgia First in his campaign materials, says his plan for Georgia is simple. “Fight and Fix. I will fight for your issues and your interests. We will fix the problems that are impacting us.”

In outlining his solutions for the 6th District and Georgia, Harbin says he will “oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other issues in our schools that aim to indoctrinate rather than educate our children. Parents have a right and the responsibility to be involved in their children’s education.”

He goes on to say that he will fight to eliminate any provisions that allow the IRS to spy on individuals and their bank accounts and secure the border by finishing the construction of the wall to keep out illegal immigrants that want to harm Georgians. “We will support efforts to build the wall. We must prevent illegal drugs, stop human-trafficking, and enforce our country’s laws at the border.”

Harbin says he will support more funding for Georgia’s law enforcement and empower them to uphold the rule of law and increase penalties against drug dealers and violent criminals, and will renew the American Dream by supporting efforts to bring back critical manufacturing to Georgia in pharmaceuticals, biotech, agriculture and microchips. He added that he would work to provide tax incentives for Georgia companies to “Make It In America.”

He closes out his platform by adding, “There is no more important job than to protect your livelihood,” Harbin said, adding that he will fight for lower taxes and will work to revitalize underperforming areas and incentivize businesses to relocate throughout the 6th district to create jobs and growth opportunities.

“I am a businessman that has created jobs for the last 25 years. It is time for a new day to begin, the start of a new era by the people, for the people. It is time for us to fight for what we believe in. A future that is ours,” Harbin says.


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