Last week, Gov. Brian Kemp announced that Bowery Farming will be opening a facility in Locust Grove, amounting to more than 100 jobs for the Atlanta and interstate adjacent area. Normally the governor might not announce the opening of a new farm but this one is a little different.



Bowery Farming is the largest “vertical farming” company in the United States and the smart, indoor vertical farm will be growing fresh greens and lettuces for a variety of clients, including some of the largest chains in the country like Whole Foods and Walmart.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Bowery Farming to the Peach State, where agriculture is our No. 1 industry, and where hardworking Georgians go to work each day to grow food for families all over the globe,” said Kemp. “I look forward to seeing the ways Bowery Farming will continue to make a difference and to seeing the opportunities this creates for the people of Locust Grove.”

Likely one of the few farms based out of Manhattan, Bowery is taking advantage of technological advancements in monitoring and lighting and can produce organic produce in a warehouse with higher yields than a regular, ever-so-dated outside farm. Besides the obvious of it’s easier to keep the bugs out, Bowery can also grow 365 days a year without things like bad weather getting in the way of growing.

“We’re thrilled to announce our expansion beyond the Northeast and into the Atlanta, Georgia, area,” said Irving Fain, CEO and Founder of Bowery Farming. “Our smart indoor farm in Locust Grove will showcase Bowery’s technology leadership and innovation from seed-to-shelf. It’s a significant step in addressing the critical challenges of the current agricultural system and working toward wider access to fresh, local pesticide-free produce, year-round.”

Bowery is able to use proprietary software to integrate sensors, artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning and robotics to automate much of its operations. Their farms are thus able to use a fraction of the water and land compared to traditional agriculture.

The location in Henry County means the farm will be within a 200-ish mile radius of more than 20 million people, including Nashville and Charlotte.

“Locust Grove is excited to welcome Bowery Farming to our city. As our community grows, the addition of Bowery’s advanced agriculture manufacturing facility will help us keep this sector in our economic base for years to come,” said Locust Grove Mayor Robert Price. “As Bowery is a technology company, this will help diversify our industry mix as well. We look forward to the 100-plus jobs and to seeing their products on our grocery store shelves soon.”


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