Earlier this year Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law Senate Bill 189, one of three major elections laws passed during this year’s legislative session. The law officially went into effect Monday, July 1st. Building on Senate Bill 202 which passed in 2021, the bill has four main components:

1. Restricting the use of QR codes for counting ballots.

2. Removing the Georgia Secretary of State (currently Brad Raffensperger) from the State Elections Board.

3. Expands ballot access for third party candidates by allowing any presidential candidate who has qualified for election in at least 20 other states automatically gain access in Georgia.

4. Allow members of the public to challenge a voter’s eligibility based on several criteria.

That fourth component drew the most debate and criticism from left-wing groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Fair Fight Action. They immediately claimed it’s a “voter suppression tool” that would lead to unnecessary voter challenges, burdening elections officials and unfairly targeting “black, brown, rural, unhoused, and disabled populations,” per a statement from Fair Fight Action. 

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